Our niche subsidiaries

Teqnion's subsidiaries operate within narrow technology niches, with moats and to specific niche competence being found in the subsidiaries, both in terms of business model, the products and their applications. Teqnion's philosophy therefore focuses on decentralized subsidiary management, where development is based on the subsidiaries' individual strategies, rather than through the parent company's central management function.

Air Target

Specialists in acoustic target indication systems for supersonic projectiles.

Air Target Sweden AB develops and sells equipment for military practice shooting in the form of different types of unique indication systems for presentation and storage of shooting data. Founded in 1956, the company is a global supplier to military organizations and the defence industry in more than 30 countries.

Belle Coachworks

Bespoke Enclosed Vehicle Transporters based in England.

Belle designs, manufactures and markets the vehicle transports that few others can handle. Regardless of whether you are transporting luxury cars, concept cars or armored vehicles, Belle is the obvious choice when it comes to quality, service and finish.

Cellab Nordia

Comprehensive solutions in pathology, histology, cytology, cell and molecular biology.

Cellab Nordia AB markets and sells instruments and consumables and offers certified technical service. The customers are mainly found in Sweden within both clinical laboratories and research laboratories - where the activities are focused on clinical research, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and quality assurance.


Strong partner in contract manufacturing when it comes to qualified chip-cutting metalworking.

Cutting Metal Works was founded 2005 in Valdemarsvik. The company has secured a reputation for delivering the highest quality on time. When demanding customers seek secure deliveries of complex components with tight tolerances, they turn to CMW.


Market leader in foldable electric wheelchairs.

Eloflex is the market leader in the segment of foldable electric wheelchairs with sales in many European countries. The company is well-known in the assistive technology sector and the products are among the most requested mobility aids on the market. The electric wheelchairs are prescribed via selected county councils (and corresponding government systems in other countries) and are also sold directly to end users via distribution networks in each market.

Elrond Komponent

A complete portfolio for a safe electrical environment.

Elrond Komponent offers complete solutions for a safe electrical environment within automation and installation. The company is a leader in lightning protection in the Nordics and has three main areas: Surge protection / Lightning protection, Uninterrupted Power / UPS and Equalization materials (including lightning conductor systems). We also provide commissioning and service.

GB Verkstads & Industrivaror

Customized logistics solutions for industry.

GB Verkstad offers industry supplies in the Sundsvall region since 1981. Over the years, the company has grown into a unique business with one of Norrland's widest product ranges. The product catalog offers, among other things, fasteners, hydraulic components, pipe parts, gaskets, seals, ball bearings, lifting products and transmission items.

Grimstorps Byggkomponenter

Highly efficient production of wooden building components.

Grimstorps Byggkomponenter was established in 1997 and has since supplied the construction industry with high-quality building components, trusses and wooden house frames. The company produces complete building kits with accompanying construction drawings for single-family houses but also for multi-storey buildings and semi-detached houses.


Design villas.

Hem1 sells architect-designed detached houses to customers with specific house dreams. The company has its own factory and takes responsibility for the entire construction process. Hem1 has delivered dream houses for over 20 years and we think it's just as fun every time!


Leading supplier of measuring transformers.

Injab offers a complete range of high-quality current and measuring transformers as well as solid knowledge of how these are used and installed. The company also offers relay protection in the low and medium voltage range as well as autoreclosers for free wiring and assembly in grid stations as well as touchable single-phase insulated busbars and wall bushings for medium and high voltage applications.


Leading products within a variety of industrial applications

Inkom was founded in 1967 and has extensive experience and vast technical knowledge of its product range. The company has customers all over the Nordic region and supplies electromechanical and electronic components for demanding applications in different industries. The company cooperates with leading international suppliers and delivers from its own warehouse in Kista.


Innovative and customized laboratory and medical technology products.

INNOGUARD develops, manufactures and markets laboratory and medical technology products to integrate them into laboratories and healthcare environments. The products are sold under its own brand to the company's customers in Scandinavia.


Leader in stainless steel custom-made fittings for professional kitchens.

Kema designs, manufactures and sells stainless steel products under its own brand for professional kitchens. The company's products, which include wine coolers, warming benches and refrigerated counters, have enjoyed a high reputation in the industry for several decades. Kema is the natural choice for restaurant kitchens that demand customized products of the highest quality.


Scandinavian design lamps and home furnishings.

K-FAB supplies modern, affordable and mood-creating lighting for home environments. In 1974 K-FAB was founded in Sundsvall by K-G Granström. K-FAB today has offices in Sundsvall and Chaozhou, China. The company's lighting solutions can be found today at retailers worldwide.

Lundahl Transformers

World-leading manufacturer of transformers for audio applications.

Lundahl Transformers develops and manufactures transformers of absolute highest quality for the most demanding users within audio - both as an interface between the artist and sound recording and between the recorded media and the speakers. Lundahls also offers adaptations and completely new designs upon request.

Markis City

Logistics solutions for professional customers' refrigerators and freezers.

Markis City refurbishes and distributes professional coolers and freezers to customers in the beverage and food industry. Equipment that is serviced and updated continuously has a longer lifespan and thus creates a smaller ecological footprint. Among the customers are Spendrups, Coca-Cola and Swedish Match.

Narva Scandinavia

Light sources and LED luminaires for industry, professionals and consumers.

Narva Scandinavia AB is a lighting company that targets the Nordic market. The company sells light sources under its own brand name NASC, mainly to electrical wholesalers and professional customers. The company's office and warehouse are in Södertälje.

Reward Catering

Uniquely designed food trucks and trailers.

Reward Catering is a food truck and trailer specialist based in Dublin with customers all over the world. The company focus on designing and marketing top quality bespoke products to customers who primarily use them as food trucks, but there are multiple uses. The manufacturing of included components is outsourced but final assembly and quality assurance is carried out in Ireland.

Schill Reglerteknik

Measuring equipment for the alignment of weapon systems.

Schill Reglerteknik develops advanced measuring equipment for dynamic and static alignment of weapon systems. The products are mainly used on board naval vessels but also on certain land-based platforms. With the help of the company's products, you can quickly and efficiently ensure that the fire tube has the highest accuracy.

Stans & Press

Customized sheet metal fabrication.

Stans & Press is a contract manufacturer founded in 1974 and specializes in high quality sheet metal products. The company has a modern machine park and solid experience in the manufacture of sheet metal parts. The company primarily works with international industrial customers but also with smaller local players.

Stanwell Technic

Innovative self-developed dispensers, pumps and systems for liquids.

Stanwell develops and markets dispensers, pumps and complex systems for liquids. The company is based in the UK and customers are found primarily in the UK but also to a certain extent within the EU. Stanwell's high quality products ensure that the customer can always rely on the beverage to flow so that customers can enjoy a perfectly poured beer. The consistently high reliability and level of service has meant that their products can be found in almost every pub throughout the UK.


Market-leading system supplier of industrial scales.

Teltek in Örebro Aktiebolag is a market-leading system supplier in the process industry of solutions for weighing, process control and labeling. The company provides tailor-made solutions of e.g. self-developed check scales and IT systems and owns agencies for X-ray machines, metal detectors and labelling.

Vicky Teknik

Complete system supplier of equipment for TMA vehicles.

Vicky Teknik AB is the Nordic market's most complete system supplier of equipment for TMA vehicles. The company provides customized and turnkey protective vehicle solutions, which include leading TMA protection, proprietary variable LED signs and associated peripherals.


Special tools for the automotive industry.

Wallmek in Kungälv Aktiebolag designs and manufactures special tools that are used in the repair and dismantling of vehicles. The products are sold under its own brand to the company's customers in Europe and North America. With Wallmek's tools for cars, trucks, trailers and construction machinery, repair shops can ensure efficient and ergonomic processes.

WiMa Propulsion AB

Servicing of marine and industrial gas turbine installations.

The company repairs and maintains gas turbines on its own premises, but also performs service and maintenance work in the field. With very long experience and multi-headed competence in the gas turbine area, the company can carry out technical analyzes for maintenance, rebuilding and service, of complete turbine systems.

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Our acquisition strategy

Teqnion has a business model where our operative cash flow is continuously reinvested through the acquisition of new subsidiaries. With our many years of experience in acquisitions and business development, Teqnion can make well-balanced investment decisions at reasonable valuations.

We are looking for companies that are run by sound people with soul and heart. Profitable companies with solid history and good cash flows. Niche businesses with proud employees. Teqnion looks for unique businesses with limited competition, where a relationship with the seller often extends long after Teqnion took over as owner. In this way, existing knowledge, relationships and entrepreneurship are maintained in the company.

Teqnion invests in well-managed industrial companies and further develops these with a focus on long-term value creation. The acquisitions are financed through own cash and bank loans. Our acquisition criteria are primarily profitability with a profit that can withstand restructuring and integration as well as a stable turnover in the range of SEK 25-150 million.

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Teqnion is a Swedish industrial company group founded in 2006. The group's subsidiaries operate within narrow technology niches in a wide range of industries. Teqnion's strategy is based on active ownership, optimization of subsidiaries' operations and growth through acquisitions.

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