You are in focus

We invest in people, not companies. We believe in the individual's ability to create and change.

We are looking for strong entrepreneurs who are passionate about their projects. Commitment, attitude and will are just as important as product design and market shares. Together we can make a difference. With Teqnion behind us, we create new conditions for your business. Together we can reach your goals.

Years of experience

Teqnion was founded in the fall of 2006 and has since built up its company group consisting of successful companies.

Effective structure

Teqnion provides its subsidiaries with effective management systems, tailored processes and positive energy.

Long-term ownership

Teqnion is a safe and long-term owner with no exit strategy. We own forever. Here you will have time to evolve.

Our colleagues in focus

If the staff is happy, so are our customers. It is in our company's employees that we have our know-how and our true value.

Niche companies

Teqnion operates in industries where the group's specialist knowledge plays a decisive role in competitiveness.

Constant progress

Within the Teqnion group, we offer a continuous development opportunity for both the individual and the company. We strive upwards. Always.

Our subsidiaries

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Du blir vår styrka

You are our true asset

Teqnion's strength lies in its structured approach with a combination of a driven management team and an industry-experienced board.

The business model is based on decentralized management. Where the subsidiaries act independently to maintain entrepreneurship with a high level of commitment and competence, within each company. Teqnion contributes with strategy work, organizational development and financial resources. There is a clear desire to always be better. The toolbox that Teqnion has created over the years of policies and processes means that organizations that lack sufficiently clear working methods in a certain area can easily be strengthened. The subsidiaries are managed by competent managers who, together with their employees, are driven to constantly develop the companies and become more customer-oriented.

Our acquisition strategy 

Do you want to become part of the Teqnion family?

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Latest news from the Teqnion group

A lot is happening in and around Teqnion and its subsidiaries. Here you can read our latest news.

Teqnion AB

Teqnion is a Swedish industrial company group founded in 2006. The group's subsidiaries operate within narrow technology niches in a wide range of industries. Teqnion's strategy is based on active ownership, optimization of subsidiaries' operations and growth through acquisitions.

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