Articles of association

English translation of the Swedish original:

§1 Company Name

The company's name is Teqnion AB. The company is public (publ).

§2 Seat of the Board

The Board shall have its seat in Stockholm.

§3 Business Operations

The company's operations shall include importing, sales, and service of components, machinery, and systems with accessories for industrial applications. Furthermore, the company shall own, manage, acquire, and sell companies, as well as engage in securities trading and related activities.

§4 Share Capital

The share capital shall be a minimum of SEK 550,000 and a maximum of SEK 2,200,000.

§5 Number of Shares

The number of shares shall be a minimum of 5,500,000 and a maximum of 22,000,000.

§6 Board of Directors

The Board shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting for the period until the next Annual General Meeting and shall consist of at least 3 and no more than 10 members, as well as up to 3 alternates.

§7 Auditors

For the examination of the company's annual report along with the accounts, as well as the management of the Board and the CEO, one or two authorized auditors (with or without deputy auditors) or authorized audit firms shall be appointed.

§8 Notice of Shareholders' Meeting

Notice of the Annual General Meeting and any Extraordinary General Meeting where amendments to the articles of association will be considered shall be issued no earlier than six weeks and no later than four weeks before the meeting. Notice of any other Extraordinary General Meeting shall be issued no earlier than six weeks and no later than two weeks before the meeting. Notice of the Shareholders' Meeting shall be given by advertisement in the Official Gazette and by making the notice available on the company's website. At the time of notice, information that the notice has been given shall be announced in Dagens Industri.

To participate in the Shareholders' Meeting, shareholders shall notify the company, along with the number of assistants, no later than the day specified in the notice of the meeting.

§9 Matters at the Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held annually within 6 months after the end of the fiscal year. The following matters shall be addressed at the Annual General Meeting:

  1. Election of the chairman of the meeting.
  2. Preparation and approval of the voting list.
  3. Approval of the agenda.
  4. Election of one or two persons to verify the minutes.
  5. Examination of whether the Shareholders' Meeting has been duly convened.
  6. Presentation of the annual report and auditor's report, and where applicable, the consolidated financial statements and group auditor's report.
  7. Decisions on
    a. adoption of the income statement and balance sheet and, where applicable, the consolidated financial statements and group auditor's report.
    b. appropriations of the company's profit or loss as shown in the adopted balance sheet.
    c. discharge from liability for the members of the Board and the CEO, if applicable.
  8. Determination of the number of Board members and, where applicable, auditors or deputy auditors.
  9. Determination of fees to the Board and auditors.
  10. Election of Board members and auditors, and where applicable, deputy auditors.
  11. Any other matter to be addressed at the Shareholders' Meeting under the Swedish Companies Act or the articles of association.

§10 Fiscal Year

The company's fiscal year shall be January 1 - December 31.

§11 Registration Restriction

The company's shares shall be registered in a central securities depository according to the law (1998:1479) on central securities depositories and registration of financial instruments.


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Teqnion AB

Teqnion is a Swedish industrial company group founded in 2006. The group's subsidiaries operate within narrow technology niches in a wide range of industries. Teqnion's strategy is based on active ownership, optimization of subsidiaries' operations and growth through acquisitions.

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