What we do at Teqnion

Teqnion AB is an industrial group that operates through its independent subsidiaries. Through these companies, Teqnion offers leading products and specialist competence in selected market niches.


Let's create value together

Teqnion, formed in 2006, is a diversified corporate group with independent subsidiaries in selected market niches

Teqnion's business concept is to build a diversified company group by acquiring quality companies with low risk, favourable future and a sustainable product portfolio. The acquired companies are run independently with an entrepreneurial philosophy while they are further developed with a continued focus on profitability with support from Teqnion's knowledge, contact network and financial resources. The parent company can be held small, which leads to fast decision making and strong, adaptable and actionable subsidiaries.

We think and invest glocally

We invest in smaller companies that operate on an international market. Our strategy is to expand the group of companies while securing organic profitability growth in existing businesses.

Through the acquisition of established, healthy companies that are at the forefront of various industry niches and with geographical spread, the group is strengthened by spreading risk in a constantly changing and competitive environment. The Teqnion Group wants to be a significant technology sales conglomerate in the Nordics in terms of turnover and profitability as well as technical competence. Our goal is to create profitable growth within selected product areas and markets with a limited business risk, while offering the group's employees a corporate climate filled with openness, faith in the future and job satisfaction.

Teqnion bygger långsiktiga relationer

Building long-term relationships

A prerequisite for a successful business deal is a good relationship between buyer and seller, both during and after the acquisition process

Teqnion therefore focuses on earning the sellers' trust by jointly tailoring individual business deals and setting out a clear path for each specific company. We can become a safe harbour for their lives work. This becomes a competitive advantage in the acquisition process and is possible through Teqnion's long experience in industrial entrepreneurship. Teqnion's business model is based on acquiring healthy and established niche companies with high technology content, combined with a strong market position and then owning these companies with an eternal horizon. The underlying businesses are a mixture of pure trading companies which represent leading brands, highly efficient contract manufacturers that support global companies and product companies that develop their own unique customer offering for narrow industry niches. A balanced mix of underlying businesses within different market niches is an important parameter in building a diversified and robust company group.

Teqnion AB

Teqnion is a Swedish industrial company group founded in 2006. The group's subsidiaries operate within narrow technology niches in a wide range of industries. Teqnion's strategy is based on active ownership, optimization of subsidiaries' operations and growth through acquisitions.

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